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The initial scoping stage is all about setting the right focus for our buyers project. Together with the buying team we will define their current state, verify system requirements, and come up with a game plan.

  • Define the project goals, decision makers, and communication paths.
  • Establish current state by analysing the current bills and contracts
  • Set timeline for project completion
  • Determine the right vendor mix based on the dealers preferences


The Screening Stage covers the initial interaction with the selected vendors. We will advise dealers on which systems work and which don’t base on actual experience. Our advice is based on real-world feedback from our 5,000+ customers.

  • Putting the buyers in contact with the right vendor representatives
  • Preparing the buyer for demos by providing them with guidelines and questions
  • Requesting proposals in a format that makes vendors disclose all the details necessary to prepare an accurate analysis of the total cost of ownership


The Analysis stage is among the most critical phases in the selection process. The key to success is to understand both the functionality, contracts, and total cost of ownership for each option. This is the only way to create a true apples-to-apples comparison between different vendors.

  • Explaining each vendor’s discount practices and typical negotiation processes
  • Reviewing the system configuration and confirming the right set of applications that is needed.
  • Generating a side-by-side comparison between different systems to highlight the points of parity and differences
  • Analyzing system upfront costs for hardware, software implementation, training, and other professional services
  • Critically assessing recurring monthly charges associated with the system and equipment


In the Negotiation state we support dealers in doing what comes so naturally to them: negotiate the final price and terms. Dealers can have coach them on proven strategies or have us negotiation directly with vendors. In both cases dealers will never lose control over the decision since we never commit to any contracts on their behalf.

  • Formulating and implementing a proven negotiating plan that includes preparing the dealer’s team for each vendor meeting
  • Assisting in structuring the contract with special terms and considerations that will offer long-term protection from vendor abuse
  • Creating unique contract addenda to provide additional benefits to the buyer
  • Reviewing the final contracts and documents to ensure that it includes all the agreed upon items and addenda


Once our dealers have concluded their negotiations we will help them prepare for the system’s launch. During the Implementation Stage, we will primarily assist with our experience during the installation, data conversion, and training. We can also be involved as a de-escalation path in case of problems with the vendor’s implementation efforts.

  • Set a timeline for each step of the installation
  • Ensure that you have access to all of your data.
  • Confirm that all training has been completed


The final Policing Stage is no less important than the previous steps in the process. This stage is about monitoring and guarding your contracts to ensure what was negotiated is being implemented.

  • Providing periodic analyses of vendor’s monthly billing to ensure compliance with the negotiated terms
  • Advising the buyer on cost reduction techniques that may be employed over the full term of the agreement
  • Assisting with system add-ons and enhancements to ensure competitive discounting and enforcement of contract terms
  • Navigating the complexity of other issues that may arise related to the existing contract
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