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Automotive CRM Systems and Vendors

This is a list of Automotive Customer Relationship Management and Automotive CRM Vendors. All of these providers offer Internet Lead Management (ILM) functionality as well.  The list does not include all the solutions that are available in today’s market. However we have listed the vendors that we see most frequently in that approximate order. No assumptions of suitability or quality are intended or should be construed. We do not have any financial or business relationship to any of these vendors. Our advice is solely based on dealer feedback and real-life occurrence.

Call us with your questions or requests for additional information, including the best contact information for any of these vendors.


VinSolutions (Autotrader, Cox Automotive)

VinSolutions is one of the premier Automotive CRM and ILM vendors in the market. Not only that the company from Kansas offers a wide array of web-based marketing services (e.g. CRM, ILM, Desking, Website, Digital Marketing, Inventory Merchandising,…) which build a powerful front-end ecosystem, but it also provides dealers with a unified user experience and workflow.  As part of the Autotrader and Cox Automotive family, VinSolutions is the flagship CRM service provider for the entire Cox group. Dealers that are using CRM/ILM solutions from Dealertrack and (also Cox) will be migrated to the VinSolutions CRM platform. Also, VinSolutions’ single sign-on (SSO) enables dealers to jump seamlessly back and forth between different applications from VAuto Inventory Management and Xtime Service CRM. Recently, VinSolutions improved its mobile capabilities. There is no need for Sales Managers to hide behind desks anymore as all deal-relevant information can be accessed and processed through mobile devices. VinSolutions is certified for all major Dealership Management Systems (DMS) for real-time and bi-directional data integration.

Contact Info:

VinSolutions Phone Number: 800-980-7488

VinSolutions Website:



DealerSocket is a leading provider of software for the automotive industry, offering a suite of seamlessly integrated products to help dealers sell and service vehicles more profitably, while improving their customers’ experience. DealerSocket’s suite of products includes advanced CRM, innovative Digital Marketing and Websites, robust Vehicle Inventory Management, insightful Analytics Reporting, and solutions to streamline dealer operations such as Desking, Credit Reporting, Compliance, and a Dealer Management System (DMS) for dealers of all sizes. DealerSocket employs nearly 1,000 team members serving more than 8,000 dealerships.

Contact Info:

DealerSocket Phone Number: 844-361-3473

DealerSocket Email:

DealerSocket Website:


Reynolds & Reynolds Contact Management

Reynolds & Reynolds (R&R) is one of the leading providers of Dealership Management Systems (DMS) in today’s market for automotive retail management systems. Per R&R, the company-own CRM module has a very high adoption rate among R&R dealers, and was recently updated via 2013/2014 release. The new Contact Management comes with an improved workflow, additional reporting capability, and stronger mobility and accessibility features. The system works seamlessly in the constraints of the DMS environment, which provides full data integration between DMS and CRM. If desired, dealers can add the R&R NameFile Service for data cleansing, digital marketing features from NakedLime, equity mining capabilities from Xtream Services, aftermarket selling capabilities with DocuPad from CoinData, a digital platform for marketing and selling vehicle accessories from Auto.Add.On, or the R&R Desking with rates and residuals.

Contact Info:

Reynolds & Reynolds Phone Number: 937-485-2000

Reynolds & Reynolds Email:

Reynolds & Reynolds Website:


Elead1One CRM (Data Software Services, L.L.C)

Elead1One is a popular independent Automotive CRM/ILM service provider. Dealers especially enjoy the company’s support and responsiveness. They also appreciate the balance between system functionality and monthly subscription fee. The company from Valdosta, Georgia claims it is the only system in today’s market with one true login that integrates variable and fixed operations to completely manage and optimize the customer’s lifecycle. One of the unique features Elead1One offers to its dealers is the company-own Call Center. The Virtual BDC serves over 7,000 automotive retail clients and enables dealers to “outsource” some of the marketing and task fulfillment responsibilities. Outbound and inbound contact management activities are an essential piece in a healthy marketing communication plan that covers the touch points showroom, online and digital, and telephony. Furthermore Elead1One is certified by leading DMS providers like CDK Global, R&R, and Dealertrack. In addition, Elead is the CRM finalist chosen by FordDirect, which recommends and offers one CRM system to its Ford dealers across the country at a discount. In July 2018 DMS vendor CDK Global announced to acquire Elead.

Contact Info:

Elead1One Phone Number: (888) 431-6935

Elead1One Email:

Elead1One Website:


CDK Global CRM (former ADP Dealer Services)

CDK Global (former ADP Dealer Services) is the leading DMS vendor in the US and Canada and can be considered a one-stop shop DMS provider as it offers dealers a maximum of functionality in the Business Office, Front End, Fixed Ops, and Dealership wide departments. CDK is currently working on a major update of its CRM module. Per today the CDK CRM provides clients with a basic CRM/ILM tool, which is the right fit for dealers that are looking for fundamental CRM functionality and Sales Reporting or that just want to dip their toes into the CRM market. If desired, CDK dealers can add the CDK DataFresh data cleansing package, digital marketing services provided by Cobalt, Customer Touch managed marketing service like service reminders, the CDK Desking and F&I Menu (MenuVantage) for selling aftermarket services, Edge Lot Management or Red Bumper Inventory Management with advanced equity mining capabilities, and the CDK Digital Contracting for creating digital deal jackets.

Contact Info:

CDK Global Phone Number: (847) 397-1700

CDK Global Email:

CDK Global Website:


Interactive 360

Interactive is a fairly new player in the automotive CRM market. The system was built around the salesperson in mind and contains all the tools that are needed to create more accountability including an ROI reporting tool with a mini P&L. Also, the Drive360®CRM allows users to be mobile and operate remotely. Besides the Sales and Service Management System (SSMS) the company from Amarillo, Texas offers websites services as well. Interactive 360 is a certified data integration partner with CDK Global and Dealertrack.

Contact Info:

Interactive 360 Phone Number: (888) 762-7407

Interactive 360 Email:

Interactive 360 Website:


Promax Unlimited (Dealer Marketing Services)

ProMax has been one of the leading automotive software providers for over 20 years.  The company offers a complete Front-End solution for dealerships including CRM/ILM and Desking/Leasing modules, the industry-first Compliance solutions and Pre-Screen products, Lead Generation, Inventory, Dealer Websites, Direct Mail, Credit Reports and more.  ProMax introduced the industry’s first special finance system in 1995, and pioneered the field again in 2003 with the first fully web-based system.  In 2008, ProMax was the first to offer a fully integrated compliance package.  In 2009, ProMax introduced the industry’s only pre-screen tool complete with industry exclusive Auto Summary data & credit application plug-in.  ProMax Unlimited and ProCredit Express remain one of only three resellers of all 3 credit bureaus in the U.S. auto industry.

Contact Info:

Promax Unlimited Phone: (800)-322-9034

Promax Unlimited Email:

Promax Unlimited Website: 


Founded in 1999, DealerMine is a privately held company headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada. DealerMine CRM provides a holistic view of how customers shop, service and interact with dealers. Their offerings include Service CRM, Sales CRM, BDC, Desking, Telephony, Equity, Campaigns, Online Scheduling, Mobile Access and Social Media solutions.

Contact Info:

DealerMine Phone Number: (800) 304-3341

DealerMine Email:

DealerMine Website:


D2C Media Inc.

D2C Media Inc is a privately held company which was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Its solutions include CRM and Websites for Dealers, Google Adwords, Facebook Campaigns, Reputation Management, Talk2Leads, Inventory Management, The D2C Media Network. D2C Media helps to optimize the presence of online car dealers by improving their visibility and efficiency on the Web.

Contact Info:

D2C Media Phone Number: 514-303-1310

D2C Media Website:


Car-Research XRM

Part of AutoLoop, Car-Research provides a full-service CRM. The Car-Reasearch XRM product aims to redefine what a CRM’s limitations are, and provides a total package, single-source dealership solution. Since developing their first CRM in 1995, the company has been one of the leaders in the field.  Car-Research XRM recently expanded into other markets across the world, including Australia and Brazil.

Contact Info:

Car-Research XRM Phone: (866)-878-6037

Car-Research XRM Website:

Image result for dominion vision crm

Dominion Vision CRM

Dominion Dealer Solutions launched its new CRM, Dominion Vision™ in early March 2018. Dominion Vision combines the most intuitive CRM interface with customized reporting and consumer-focused, modern communication tools.  As a result Dominion Vision satisfies customers, sales reps and managers with its easy-to-use and comprehensive feature set.  Powered by CRMSuite, Dominion Vision is the result of a business partnership designed to integrate CRMSuite’s state-of-the-art CRM technology with Dominion Dealer Solutions’ portfolio of high-performance digital marketing and data-mining software offerings. Dominion Dealer Solutions has a suite of products including Inventory solutions, Dealer Specialties, Cross-Sell Reports, DealActivator Equity Mining, Marketing Services, Prime Reputation & Social Media Management and the recently introduced Dealer Management System (DMS), Dominion VUE™.

Contact Info:

Dominion Phone: (877)-421-1040

Dominion Email:

Dominion Website:


DealerPeak, based in Portland, Oregon, is another independent company which has focused specifically on auto dealer software since 1999, so their CRM system is very inclusive. Since they focus on auto dealer needs as a company, they provide robust capability on their web-based platform, and integrate well with any DMS.

Contact Info:

DealerPeak Phone:  (888)-289-9841

DealerPeak Website:



Since 2003, Maryland-based IMagicLab has worked to provide excellent software solutions for modern businesses nationwide. This applies especially for multi rooftop organization that struggle with cross-company lead management. IMagicLab created DealerCRM to be versatile and to serve as a new approach to CRM.  Though feedback shows the system to be very effective and advanced, it also comes along with relearning the basics. The full-scope CRM solution is compatible with nearly any DMS.

Contact Info:

IMagicLab DealerCRM Phone: (855)-462-4421

IMagicLab DealerCRM Website:


Higher Gear

Headquartered in Schaumberg, Illinois, Higher Gear has been in the CRM business for 15 years.  Their CRM product does boast one of the highest in-dealership CRM usages and provides everything from ILM to service marketing. The Higher Gear CRM product integrates with every DMS.

Contact Info:

Higher Gear Phone: (888)-695-4281

Higher Gear Email:

Higher Gear Website:


One-Eighty (CDK Global Canada, former ADP Dealer Services Canada)

One-Eighty is a Canadian company operating out of Waterloo, Ontario, which began by specializing in automotive software in 2000, and was recently acquired by CDK Global – former ADP Dealer Services (2013). Since this system was not developed by CDK specifically for CDK, it has the capability to integrate with most available DMS systems. For Canadian dealers looking for an alternative to DealerSocket, the One-Eighty product may be the most readily accessible option.

Contact Info:

One-Eighty Phone: (866)-803-2003

One-Eighty Website:


Advent Resources CRM

Advent Resources is a company from San Pedro, California that has been in the automotive software business for 25 years.  They provide everything from DMS to CRM. As with most independent CRM providers, their system is fully capable and serves as a one stop shop for CRM needs, and boasts a strong capability to monitor sales staff usage.

Contact Info:

Advent Resources Phone: (888)-923-8368

Advent Resources Website:

Autosoft logo2

Traffic Cop

TrafficCop was developed specifically for use with the AutoSoft DMS, and is the best suited CRM for that system. TrafficCop is based in Florida and designed a well-rounded, fully functional system for AutoSoft customers which integrates with many third party systems such as Red Bumper, Delivra, and Tell-U-Phone.

Contact Info:

TrafficCop Phone: (888)-990-4588

TrafficCop Email:

TrafficCop Website:



DriveCentric provides not only CRM, but also Lead Management and Reputation Management services as well. Its DriveCentric CRM product is lauded for being simple, efficient, and fast, backed by the cloud architecture and an advanced interface. DriveCRM has mobile and tablet functionality and provides real-time updates and alerts. Its unique features appear to be its simple GUI design, the enhanced video content features, and artificial intelligence capabilities for smart auto-response features. 

Contact Info:

DriveCentric Website:

DriveCentric Phone: 314-325-4088

DriveCentric Email:

Dealerdotcom-logo CRM (Dealertrack Technologies, now Cox Automotive)

After the acquisition of Dealertrack by Cox Automotive, the executive management team decided to operate the CRM under the VinSolutions umbrella. This only applies to CRM/ILM applications, while the Website and Digital Marketing division will remain in tact.

In 2014 made some noise by joining the Dealertrack Technologies family. Dealertrack itself is a major player in the DMS market that aggressively pursues investment opportunities to fill its functionality gaps, while has been one of the leading automotive digital marketing service providers. It appears Dealertrack is now selling the CRM system under its own Dealertrack services umbrella, while digital marketing services like advertising, websites and managed services remain with The company from Burlington, VT prides itself with having created a mobile-first design and intuitive CRM workflow, which many dealers will appreciate. Receiving CRM functionality and Website services from the same vendor enables dealers to precisely track its prospects journeys through the sales cycle and sales funnel (Road-to-Sales) without worrying about the data accuracy. It is this depth and width of the product mix (CRM, Website, pencil tool,…) that may give services from, VinSolutions, and DealerSocket the edge over other CRM providers. With all-in-all front end business suites dealers may not receive the best-bread solution for each module, but they will be able to consolidate many of their sales-related responsibilities and eliminate fat.

Contact Info: Phone Number: (888) 894-8989 Email: Website:


AutoAccelerator CRM (Dealertrack Technologies, now Cox Automotive)

When Cox Automotive acquired Dealertrack the decision was made to migrate Dealertrack CRM dealers to the VinSolutions platform.

The AutoAccelerator CRM was originally developed by Customer Focused Marketing (CFM).  In 2013 the company from Texas was acquired by Dealertrack. The AutoAccelerator CRM is specifically designed for automotive dealers, and was released as a comprehensive package in 2010. AutoAccelerator offers a personal assistance for dealers – so called “Lead Angel” act as automated personal assistants to facilitate lead nurturing. AutoAccelerator is compatible with most DMS providers.

Contact Info:

AutoAccelerator Phone:  (972)-717-3140

AutoAccelerator Email:

AutoAccelerator Website :



Headquartered in Irvine, California, Momentum CRM enables elite auto dealerships to maximize sales with proprietary CRM software, customized support and mentoring. Momentum CRM combines state-of-the- art technology; industry expertise and proven strategies to increase bottom-line profitability. They provide a full Sales and Service CRM Solution for the dealership, tie all the departments together and create one central relationship management system.

Their cloud based solution enables service people to work from anywhere, while relying on the software to assist them in their follow up.

Contact Info:

Phone: (888) 284-5833, (949) 453-8000


Arcadium CRM

Arcadium Technologies

Arcadium Technologies, LLC provides high value, user friendly customer retention tools and processes to franchise truck and trailer dealers. The Arcadium Customer Relationship management program uses Microsoft .NET technology and is fully .NET certified. Arcadium’s staff consists of consultants with over 20 years of experience in dealership technology. Arcadium Technologies, LLC announced that it has developed a CRM process for smaller truck and trailer dealerships. The process includes procedure implementation, database management, and customer management software similar the programs offered to larger dealerships.

Arcadium also recently partnered with CDK Global for CDK Sales Overdrive Truck CRM. It streamlines sales processes for Truck Dealerships powered by Arcadium: CDK Sales Overdrive

Contact Info:

Phone: (817) 766-4040



Oplogic CRM

Oplogic (formerly Wilson Technologies) was established in 2000, with its headquarters in Detroit Michigan. The company has been deliberate in its growth efforts in order to match and sustain demand from its clients. Oplogic’s CRM solution incorporates security and compliance requirements into a robust platform, whether it is for a single store or multiple rooftops. It differentiates itself though single database, cross-store functionality and drill down, ease of 3rd party integration and proprietary authentication & fraud prevention tool. Apart from CRM, Oplogic offers other solutions such as ILM, Telephony & BDC integration, Inventory, Desking, F&I, Compliance, Equity and Training services and is certified for almost all OEM’s.

Contact Info:

Phone: (248) 655-0005



salesforce-logo CRM: is one of the leading CRM platforms in the entire world. The public company from San Francisco employs around 12,000 people worldwide and serves customers with all kinds of businesses. The cloud based SaaS CRM system is not specifically designed for the automotive market. Before signing up, dealers should always review the SalesForce integration points with the dealer’s OEMs for Internet Lead integration and OEM certification, and the integration with the dealer’s Dealership Management System (DMS) for real-time and bi-directional data access.

Contact Info: Phone Number: (800) 667-6389 Website: