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CATA Recommends the Gillrie Institute for Dealership Technology Negotiations

The Gillrie Institute announced today its endorsement by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) Recommended Consultants Program as one of only two initial partners.

The program was established in 2014 to provide the CATA members with access to recognized organizations that have a proven track record of helping dealers in areas of the business that can be particularly challenging to navigate and manage.

Wolf Geide, Senior Manager at the Gillrie Institute:

This is a special recognition for the Gillrie Institute as it validates our mission and long-term efforts to guide dealers through the process of selecting DMS, CRM, Phone Systems and other dealership technology.

The CATA only recommends independent consultants that are not tied to the sales process of any individual product or service. CATA members will benefit from the expertise and services, but also from special pricing.

About the Gillrie Institute:
With over 7,000 dealer partners the Gillrie Institute is the nation’s leading consultant and advocate for automobile and truck dealers in their quest to reduce dealership technology expenses and get the right solutions for the best possible price and terms. It provides dealers with the tools and guidance they need to negotiate with confidence for their next Dealership Management System (DMS), Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Phone System (VoIP), and other supplementary dealership technology. The Gillrie Institute’s scrupulous independence and one-of-a-kind benchmarks of over 13,000 items from 300+ vendors guarantee the most accurate recommendations for dealers, and the best discounts and terms from dealership technology vendors. For more information, please contact Wolf Geide at 800-576-6959,, or visit