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Dealership Management Systems (DMS) and DMS Vendors

This is a list of Dealership Management Systems and DMS Vendors. It does not include all the solutions that are available in today’s market. We have listed the vendors that we see most frequently in that approximate order. No assumptions of suitability or quality are intended or should be construed. We do not have any financial or business relationship to any of these vendors. Our advice is solely based on dealer feedback and real-life occurrence.

Call us with your questions or requests for additional information, including the best contact information for any of these vendors.

CDK Global formerly ADP

CDK Global formerly, Automatic Data Processing Dealer Services (ADP)

ADP currently serves auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, recreational vehicle and heavy equipment dealers throughout North America and internationally. Together with Reynolds and Reynolds (R&R) both vendors capture approximately 80 percent of the DMS market in the US. As one of only three public companies in the DMS industry (the others are Dealertrack and Quorum), ADP Dealer Services offers a complete DMS business suite with

Reynolds & Reynolds

Reynolds & Reynolds (R&R)

The acquisition of R&R by Universal Computer Systems (UCS) in 2006 made the new R&R corporation the largest American DMS vendor at that time. Together with ADP they presently capture around 80 percent of the DMS market in the US. R&R’s service offerings include its newest DMS ERA-IGNITE, and the predecessors ERA and POWER (originally from UCS). All systems are available as on-premise (XT – server-in-dealership system) and ASP solution (XTD – R&R hosts dealer data).


Dealertrack Technologies

Dealertrack is one of the public companies in the DMS market. With the acquisition of Arkona in 2007, Dealertrack entered the market for fully integrated dealer management systems. Since then, Dealertrack made several strategic acquisitions to strengthen its position as a full-service provider for automobile dealerships.



Auto/Mate is a nationwide vendor that prides itself on superior customer service, a user-friendly system and a full-featured software package. The current system is called Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) and is available as onsite and ASP version.


Autosoft (ASI)

With nearly 30 years of serving automobile dealers in the U.S., Autosoft has built a significant customer base of small and mid-sized car dealerships. In the last few years, Autosoft has replaced its leadership team and re-organized management in preparation of its planned growth. As part of this repositioning initiative, Autosoft has increased investment in product development, learning resources, and marketing activities. Some changes included the launching of the new Sales and F&I solution, obtaining new OEM certifications like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, integrating with many more 3rd party vendors, and replacing independent distributors with a national sales team. Autosoft Sales & F&I solution, and their complete DMS solution provide features for the accounting and business office, sales and F&I, executive management & dealer principals, and fixed operations (parts, service, and body shop). The company does not provide independent bolt-ons or stand-alone solutions that are compatible with DMS systems from other vendors.

Dominion VUE

Dominion VUE DMS

In 2018 Dominion Dealer Solutions announced the launch of its cloud-based Dealer Management System (DMS), Dominion VUE™ —  the first DMS in the automotive space that is hosted and written in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This latest achievement from Dominion features an intuitive interface and bank-level encryption that enables dealership personnel to access all dealer data in real-time, at any location, without an expensive VPN or remote server. Dominion VUE comes out of the box with a full set of Fixed Ops, Communications, Sales, F&I, Accounting, Payroll and Reporting suites. With these functionalities built into the fundamental product set, Dominion VUE eliminates friction points by eliminating “bolt-on” features. In addition to our DMS offerings, Dominion Dealer Solutions offers a complete set of products including Inventory solutions, Dealer Specialties, Cross-Sell Reports, DealActivator Equity Mining, Marketing Services, Prime Reputation & Social Media Management and the recently introduced Dominion Vision™ CRM.


DealerBuilt’s integrated LightYear DMS is a comprehensive suite of products includes variable ops (sales desking & F&I), complete fixed ops platform from scheduling through fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, CRM, payroll, DCS).  In addition, DealerBuilt’s enterprise platform provides Dealerships groups with options regarding how best to operate their enterprise under a single environment.

DealerBuilt has seen steady growth as automobile Dealers seek additional choices to manage their operations.  LightYear’s Window’s based platform coupled with a non-proprietary SQL database and ‘can-do’ attitude provides Dealers a technical partner seeking to leverage every dollar spent on technology.

In early 2017, DealerBuilt intensified their partnership with VisionMenu for the F&I Menu and added vSignature to provide digital contracting features and additional “DocuPad” like presentation capabilities. Along with that, they have also partnered with Maximtrak (owned by RouteOne) for an automated interview and risk-based menu presentation.

DealerBuilt has also partnered with Momentum CRM for a more comprehensive CRM featuring mobile application, auto marketing campaign management, service BDC integration capabilities to better compete with Elead1, VinSolutions and DealerSocket.

Quorum Information Technologies

Quorum is a publically traded (Canadian TSX Venture Exchange) North American DMS vendor headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with additional office locations in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador; London, Ontario; and Washington Township (Detroit Suburb), MI. Quorum, a Microsoft partner and a certified GM DTAP provider, provides its software for franchised, independent and some non-automotive dealerships.

Quorum’s flagship DMS, XSelleratorTM, is a Windows-based comprehensive dealership and customer management solution that automates, integrates and streamlines every department in a dealership. XSellerator also features software, “Communicator”, for improved internal and customer communication through text, email and instant message plus the “Make More Money” (“M3”) initiative that drives incremental revenue through process improvements (“toolkits”) in service and parts. Modern mobile-enabled solutions for dealership employees in sales and service departments offer improved flexibility and enhanced productivity.

In 2017, the company acquired Autovance Technologies Inc. (Lethbridge, AB) which offers Autovance Desk, an advanced desking tool compatible with other DMS systems.

PBS Systems, Inc (PBS)

PBS is a privately owned DMS vendor from Canada that mostly targets smaller to medium-sized dealerships in the US and Canada. The company’s newest Aristo DMS solution is on a single software and database platform. Unlike other DMS vendors PBS already imbeds an array of applications into the system including a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). PBS does not offer stand-alone software that is compatible with other DMS solutions.

DPC Systems (DPC)

DPC is one of the oldest DMS providers in the US. Its fully integrated software applications provide small and medium sized dealerships with features for Accounting, Finance and Insurance, Parts Inventory, Service Billing, Vehicle Inventory, Business Integration and Systems Engineering. DPC does not offer stand-alone applications that are compatible with other DMS solutions in the market.

Dubuque Data Services (DDS)

The company’s current DMS solution Advantage is a Windows-based system. It covers functionality for Accounting, Parts, Service, Showroom Control and F&I. The company does not provide stand-alone solutions that interface with other Dealership Management Systems.

MPK Automotive Systems (MPK)

MPK is the first DMS vendor in North America that runs its software suite on a Microsoft Dynamics platform. MPK provides mainly smaller and medium-sized dealers with applications to efficiently operate Accounting, Fixed Operations (Parts and Service), Sales, Finance and Customer Relationship Management. Unlike Dominion’s DMX that uses Microsoft Dynamic’s big business solution AX, MPK picked the small and mid-sized business system NAV as the DMS’ backbone. MPK does not provide independent applications that can be interfaced with a different DMS.

Adam Systems (ADAM)

ADAM developed a Microsoft Windows-based DMS that is marketed to smaller franchised and independent auto and powersports retailers in North America and Puerto Rico. The system supports features for Business Office including Reporting and Payroll, Fixed Operations, and Front End.

Heavy Duty Truck DMS Providers

Automatic Data Processing Dealer Services (ADP)

See above.


Karmak specializes on DMS solutions for the heavy-duty industry. The company currently serves full-service truck dealerships, trailer dealerships, service shops, aftermarket distributors, lease/rental businesses, and others. Karmak’s latest DMS system is called Fusion and programmed on a Microsoft Windows architecture model. Karmak does not provide stand-alone services that are compatible with other Dealer Management Systems.

Procede Software

Procede is another HD Truck DMS service provider. The company is a Microsoft Partner and its latest Excede DMS solution is based on a Microsoft Windows platform. Procede uses SQL server technology with relational database. Excede can either be operated as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. Procede does not provide stand-alone services that are compatible with other Dealer Management Systems.

Procede Software announced Excede DMS version 9.22 in May 2017.

DSI Solutions (DSI)

DSI is another DMS vendor providing industry-specific solutions and features to the Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer market. The company offers a DMS that can be run on a Windows, Linux and AIX operating system. DSI does not provide stand-alone services that are compatible with other Dealer Management Systems.