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NADA DMS Negotiating Guide

The Gillrie Institute is proud to have assisted the NADA by providing the information for the publication, “A Dealer Guide to Negotiating With Your Computer Vendors”. This latest addition to the invaluable NADA Management Series, which was recently mailed to every NADA member, is a totally updated primer on managing your computer expense from initial proposal through the end of lease cycle.

Of course, every negotiation includes not only knowledge of the principles, but also knowledge of the numbers! You should NEVER negotiate without calling on us to quantify and compare it to the other proposals we are seeing across the country.

Our staff collaborated with the NADA in authoring this guide because we believe that no matter how experienced a negotiator a dealer may be, utilizing the information in this Guide will significantly increase his dealership’s efficiency while reducing his overall technology costs.

As always, we invite every dealer to call us with any question about automotive information technology and, in particular, negotiating for dealership technology. Just give any of us a call at (800) 576-6959.

Note: If you have misplaced your NADA Negotiating Guide, just give us a call and we’ll tell you how to get another copy.