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Phone System Brokers vs. Consultants

We know that our doctors, insurance brokers and others in positions of trust can sometimes have divided loyalties. Payments from outside interests can taint any transaction. Phone system brokers are often among those who receive payments from the very companies with whom they are “negotiating on your behalf”.

Who is paying whom?

How would you feel if you learned that the medication your doctor prescribed to you helped him qualify for a cruise the drug manufacturer was offering?  Would you feel confident in taking those pills every day?  Would you trust that he has your best interests at heart?

It’s no different when a phone broker makes a recommendation to you, if vendors are paying them for your business. They may claim that they are unbiased because everyone pays them, but over time relationships are solidified and incentives will always cause them to make the decision that is in their own best interest – not yours.

As an independent phone consultant we are different.  Because your payment to us is our only incentive, we are free to make whatever recommendation makes the most sense for your business.  We do not hesitate to share the best actual pricing without fear of losing our kickback from the phone system vendor – because there is no kickback to lose as we don’t have any financial relationships to vendors.

Loyal only to you, the Gillrie Institute is able to prepare you with the real pricing, contract terms and product reviews to help you make an educated business decision.