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Gillrie is the nation's leading dealership technology consultant

With over 30 years' experience, we understand the challenges dealerships are facing. Our systematic approach uncovers the hidden costs in an ever-changing software landscape, to ensure you aren’t overspending on the tools you need to be at your best.

Initial Review

  • Review Current DMS
    contract and 3rd party
  • Set project goals
  • Select potential vendors

Demo & Configuration

  • Demo structure
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Product discussion


  • Upfront and monthly
  • Review successful tactics
  • Introduce key players


  • Contract to bill analysis
  • Yearly price review
  • New product benchmarks
  • Industry updates

DMS Consulting

With over 30 years’ of experience, we’re the most trusted dealership technology advisor, helping dealers navigate an ever-changing industry. We know what DMS problems dealers are facing. Learn more about how we can reduce your DMS bill, improve your contract terms, and maximize your product configuration.


When buying or selling a store dealers are faced with a variety of different challenges. One often overlooked is the DMS contract. Many vendors offer multi-year agreements and these need to be addressed when buying or selling a location. If there is a current DMS agreement then either the buyer or seller must take on that agreement. Any remaining obligation must be fulfilled before the agreement can be canceled. Gillrie works with dealers to ensure the best possible outcome when either buying or selling a location.
By hiring Gillrie you can ensure you have a complete understanding of the agreement and what obligations you might have.

Software Review

Purchasing software has never been as complicated as it is today. Combining DMS with 3rd party tools, dealers have countless options when deciding which software to use. The challenge is tracking all of these different software packages and what capabilities they offer. This becomes even more complicated when you take into account OEM mandated software. Many dealers find themselves in situations where they’re paying for two platforms that do the same things. Dealers also commonly missout on the potential savings of consolidating everyone onto a single vendor/contract.
This is why Gillrie offers a complete software review. By providing us with your bills we can determine what is being used, how much it should cost, and provide you with potential options. We can also partner with you going forward to ensure you avoid these pitfalls going forward.

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